Expectations for Sixth Grade Reading and Writing Workshop

Contact Information

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Course Description and Objective: The course focuses on individual student’s strategy and skill development in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. The course allows students to take responsibility for their own learning and behavior in order for an academic learning community to be formed.  Other genres will be explored through IRP’s (Independent Reading Projects) that will be completed each quarter. Reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills will be taught and reviewed. 

Materials Required: In order to obtain full participation points for the quarter students are required to come to class daily prepared for academic success.  Each day you need to bring:

  • Pen, pencil, writing utensils
  • Folder
  • Two composition notebooks
  • Student Planner 
  • Independent reading book
  • Required class reading book
  • Sticky notes
  • headphones or earbuds that are compatible with your Chromebook 

Grades: Grades will be made up of assessments (tests/quizzes/projects), meeting of independent reading goals, classroom assignments,and projects.  Remember that grades are not given, they are earned.  You get out as much as you put in!!

Grading Scale-   A 90%-100% 

B 80-89% 

C 70-79%  

D 60-69% 

F 59% and below F  

Grades will be updated regularly on Infinite Campus, check your account often.

Independent Reading The focus of the course is to increase your reading ability and enhance your comprehension.  This will be accomplished through a rigorous reading of self-selected appropriate texts. This means you will actively research and acquire books that interest you and contribute to your advancement as a reader. The expectation is that students will read a minimum of 1 novel per 4-week cycle in the regular ed program and the Honors program will be required to complete 2 novels per month.  Having your self-selected text in class is a daily requirement.

Homework: Students will be expected to read daily in order to attain their reading goals in a timely manner. Teachers will meet with students weekly to check progress and will expect students to demonstrate their progress both orally and in writing (reading log).  Students may also be responsible for completing unfinished classwork at home if they are unable to complete during the 90 minute class period.

In-Class Assignments:  Classroom assignments will vary from day to day.  Your grade for class assignments will be based on participation during cooperative and individual activities, warm-ups, completion of work started in class and finished at home, and participation during class discussions.  Projects and long-term assignments will be accepted for a late grade.  The student will receive a full letter grade deduction for each day a project is turned in late.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):

Students are required to bring their Chromebooks to class every day as we utilize them to access Google Classroom.  Make sure the device is charged at home each evening.


Student Responsibility:  The following policies have been developed with you in mind.  These policies will help to keep you organized and to maintain your growing sense of responsibility.  

Behavior: Students are expected to be actively involved in class explorations and discussions.  Sixth-grade classroom rules should be followed to create an environment necessary to maximize the learning that can take place.  Because this is a reading and writing workshop students will be expected to manage their time and work independently while the teacher works with small groups and or conferences with individual students.  Warnings will be issued to let the students know when their behavior is interfering with their learning or that of their peers.

Classroom Rules/Expectations (subject to change, alter, or modify as needed): 

  1. Be seated on time with the mindset to learn
  2. Be respectful and courteous to others
  3. Follow directions the first time given
  4. Participate appropriately
  5. Come to class with a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  6. You are dismissed when the teacher dismisses you 

And….if I don’t follow the rules……

You will be referred to the office to have a chat with the assistant principal.  We will be very busy this year.  It is our job to come to school each day and teach you something you did not know the previous day.  School is your job.  Come to class with all necessary materials and be ready to work.  As your boss will have expectations for you one day, we too have expectations for you as students.  Therefore, I have little patience for behavior that disrupts our classroom and is disrespectful.  

Parents will be notified if a student is unable to correct the situation.  Students will also be recognized for good behavior through random phone calls home, praise, and rewards.

AbsencesTry not to be absent because it is so difficult to make up work!!  When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to find out the assignments missed.  On the day of the absence worksheets and assignments will be placed in an absence folder in the classroom.  When the absent student returns to school, they obtain their work from the folder.  Previously assigned homework is due on the day that you return to school.  Any work assigned on the days you were absent must be completed in the length of time that you missed. (Ex: 2 days absent; 2 days to complete).  If work is not completed in the number of days given, that assignment will count as a 0.  

CheatingOne of the most serious of all academic offenses is to make it seem that the work of others is your own.  If found cheating, you will receive a zero on that assignment.  See handbook for further disciplinary actions of serious offenses. 

We are looking forward to a successful and productive year with you!


Mrs. Kosinski

Mrs. Peace

Mrs. Cabrera-Perrine